Employee Leasing

What is employee leasing?

Employee Leasing is today's best employee administration solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses. No matter the business size - from five employees to several hundred - TempsNow Employment & Placement Services can service all your employee administration needs. TempsNow transfers a client's employees to TempsNow's payroll and, as a result, becomes the employer of record. However, the client still manages the daily supervision and control of these employees, including wage and employment decisions.

How much will the service cost?

The TempsNow rate is based on many factors. Among the items considered are gross payroll, state unemployment rate, workers' compensation classification, and workers' compensation experience modification. Using TempsNow's services may actually reduce the client's total cost. The time saved in personnel management, payroll processing, workers' compensation administration and government compliance will ultimately save money. Also, TempsNow's large employee base allows for better workers' compensation rates lower than most smaller companies currently pay.


  • Lowers Worker’s Compensation Premiums
  • Decreases Unemployment Claims
  • Eliminates Health Benefits
  • Less Government Reporting
  • Eliminates Retirement Benefits
  • Reduces Legal Liability for Injuries
  • Eliminates Vacation Days
  • Reduces Time Spent on Worker’s Comp Claims
  • Eliminates Sick Days
  • Allows Staff to Focus on Company Issues
  • Eliminates Holiday Pay